Our uniquely tailored Customer Relationship Management strategies will help you manage all your company’s relationships and interactions with customers and ultimately improve profitability.

R3 Professional Services Resourcing

R3 Resource Management Model© will align and streamline staffing processes giving your organization one source of truth and the ability to perform capacity planning and forecasting so that you have a resource with the Right person, Right skills, at the Right time.

ERP Consulting

From choosing an Enterprise Resource Planner to implementing one, we can support you throughout the entire process of developing your business process management software.

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Business Processes

Our expertise in Business Process Analysis will help you to identify your business needs and determine solutions and strategic planning and policies to solve key business issues.

“Pre-Sales Demo” Services

As technology continues to advance, our Pre-Sales Demo services are an integral part of your bigger, ongoing business development picture.

Project Management

Spearheading projects, we initiate, plan, execute and control the work of your team to help achieve your specific goals and meet every success criteria.

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Business Process Analysis
ERP systems / CRM
Project Management

“Fabio is one of the brightest and most dynamic individuals we’ve ever collaborated with.

He can do it all: consulting, pre-sales, management and proposal writing.

Fabio is an excellent presenter in multiple languages and I would highly recommend him for any high performing sales team. I think the key ingredient that makes Fabio so good is his attention to detail, which shows in his preparation for proposals or when doing consulting work.

Of course the clients love his personality as well. He has a way of quickly putting customers or colleagues at ease.”

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Process mapping: what’s the point? There’s actually 3.

Whenever I start engaging with a prospect or a customer (pre-sales effort or project delivery that it may be) the first thing I always do is try to discover the process and map it in a visual manner. The initial draft is almost always on paper (flipcharts) or on a whiteboard. I then take pictures […]


The eternal struggle between work and off-work time

  If you have started working (as an employee or for yourself) you will know what I’m talking about. Work and off-work time quite often intermingle and sometimes trying to control this fact can become a task in itself. Unfortunately that’s what it is: a fact. An almost unavoidable fact. Or is it?

So we started. We set-up a company. Now what?

Starting up our own company has been something we’ve considered for a very long time. When we were living in Italy, though, that wasn’t really an option, far too much red tape and the taxation in Italy kills most companies within the first two years of activity. If you survive those 2 years, you’re among […]

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