R3 Professional Services Resourcing Model

R3 Professional Services Resourcing Model ©

Optimizing the utilization of your finite people resources


Resource Management Margin Improvement Model


R3 is PSRM Global’s Resource Management model, helping IT companies get the most efficient use of their valuable, limited, people resources.

R3 Resource Management Margin Improvement Model

Right Person, Right Skills, Right Time

PSRM Global uses its R3 Resource Management Model© to align and streamline staffing processes giving your organization one source of truth and the ability to perform capacity planning and forecasting so that you have a resource with the Right person, Right skills, at the Right time.

Utilization Increases Across Services

Utilization is the benchmark number that is essential for measuring the health of your services organisation. By optimizing the staffing process using the R3 Resource Management Model© PSRM Global Ltd can help achieve utilization increases across the services delivery business.

Centralised Resource Management

Centralised resource management has a significant impact on your organization's KPIs and at PSRM Global Ltd we focus on improving the overall revenue impact as we establish streamlined project forecasting, blocked revenue backlog analysis, skills gap forecasting and capacity planning processes.  

With better project delivery planning you will increase Client Satisfaction as you develop better control of project delivery, putting the best person on the job each time.

Professional Services Automation

PSA Selection Services are available as part of the establishment of an RMO


For a typical Fortune 1000 company, just a 10% increase in data accessibility will result in more than $65 million additional net income.

The RMO, using your PSA tool, will drive staffing and improve utilization rates in billable consultants and will bill 1.2 months EXTRA per year. For an organization with 25 billable consultants showing a utilization increase of just 2% equals to a potential $1.45m dollars increased bottom line profit. 



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