Project Ice Cold Merchandisers Manufacturing (Romania)

This project, although based on an existing corporate model, aimed at upgrading the model to include the manufacturing and service/maintenance side of the processes. Starting from an old Baan 4 implementation, the team brought the customer on to the new platform and increased the integration between the manufacturing site and the distribution sites.  

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Project Microsoft CRM Upgrade

The version of Microsoft CRM (2011) needed to be upgraded to access numerous new functionalities necessary to fulfil the customer’s processes requirements. We migrated to a completely new environment, as one of the requirements involved the activation of ADFS (Active Directory Federation Services), and ported all the customizations made in CRM 2011 to CRM 2013. […]

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Project Ice Cold Merchandisers Rollout (Norway)

This project’s hardest bit was how cold it was during the winter! The corporate model, centrally decided, had to be deployed in the Norwegian office. A few trips and a few months later the task was completed. During that period some additional processes were uncovered and dealt with.

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Project Ice Cold Merchandisers (Ireland)

Brand new implementation of Infor ERP LN, this customer had a few peculiarities that needed some customizations to work. Two alternatives were available, a standard one via the “product configurator” module, and an alternative that was using the “light configuration management” (with some customisations.) available in Infor ER LN. The customer chose the latter solution […]

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Project Industrial Valves (Italy)

Almost a unique company in this niche market, migrating from an old BaaN 4 implementation to Infor ERP LN. Calling it a migration does not render justice enough to the process. The full data migration, possible although not recommended because of the extreme differences in the data structure, was the hardest bit. From the processes […]

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Project Furniture (Italy)

A very interesting project, implementation of a new Infor ERP LN installation at a high-end furniture manufacturer. The challenges went from the configuration at the sales stage to the manufacturing control an integration with MES systems guiding the highly automated cutting machinery. The involvement started with the pre-sales support process and ended with the project […]