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Your most valuable assets

When you look at your business what do you consider to be your most valuable assets? Is it your properties? Your machinery? Your hardware?

In a Professional Services organization your most valuable assets are your people. When you sell your services what you are actually selling is your people and their time. You price it as you do because you know that your consultant’s time is worth that amount and the service they will provide will be superior. Without your people resources, your most valuable asset, you cannot deliver Professional Services.

So why is it that when delivery leads are planning projects they don’t consider the resource as more than a sum of the skill set and availability? Delivery leads want to get the project started so that we can start to bill the client. That’s their job so no one can blame them for driving that start date.

With a dedicated RMO (Resource Management Office) you can begin to look more holistically at your people not only from a billable resource point of view but as a whole entity. A good resource manager will take more into account than just skills, availability and location when aligning consultants to project work. The resource manager will look at the development plan of the consultant and evaluate if the project that he or she is under consideration for comes into alignment with the plan for development of the skills set or soft skills the consultant would like to improve upon. The resource manager will also consider personal situations. Can this consultant be away from home for weeks at a time? Can this consultant travel or are there medical reasons why he or she might be more suited to remote work. The resource manager will also look at the previous schedule of the consultant and weigh up the merit of assigning that consultant to remote work based on previous travel schedule against sending him or her on site. According to the 2014 State of Resource Management and Capacity Planning Report by Planview top performing companies are 53% more likely to have a holistic view into both pipeline demand and resource capacity than lower maturity organisations.

In a Professional Services environment a dedicated RMO entity can reduce the risk of missing business opportunities and maximize revenue by having a real time holistic view into resource capacity.

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